What is domestic shipping?

Domestic shipping is the process of shipping a package within a state; from one state to another. If you want more help with how to send a package because you haven't shipped a package before we can help with that too.

How much does Overnight shipping cost?

Overnight shipping services are very popular as it means you can ship your item and it will arrive very quickly with the recipient. There a number of overnight shipping and mailing services that you can choose from.

Our domestic courier services are perfect for time sensitive packages that need to arrive the very next day. Many of the small businesses that use Istanbul Summit Shipping services choose to book overnight shipping to provide their customers with a premium delivery experience.

Domestic Ground Shipping

Ground shipping services are very popular with those who are looking for cost-effective delivery. Many eBay sellers use this type of service to keep shipping costs down.

These services generally take longer to be delivered but they allow to pay a lot less than an express courier service. However, they are still fully tracked to delivery and you can also add protection cover to the booking too.

Transit times for Ground Shipping will vary depending on which level of service you choose and how far the package needs to go. If you are shipping from neighbouring states you can expect a quicker transit time compared to shipping from one side of the world to the other.

Compare domestic shipping companies for heavy goods

Large packages are best sent via economy shipping services like Ground as you will have to pay a lot less to have your item shipped. Some packages are long rather than heavy too, such as fishing rods and they can be handled by our couriers too.

For heavy packages, opt for our Istanbul Summit Shipping Ground Pick Up (Heavy) service. The shipment will be picked up from your home or work address by FedEx and you can send goods that weigh up to 150lbs. Please note only one driver will come to collect the item so you may need to assist them with loading the item into the FedEx truck.

How long is standard shipping?

Standard domestic shipping can vary in transit time, you can compare these when you get a price. We have everything from overnight shipping to economic ground shipping that still only takes around 5 working days to most locations.

Sending expensive items?

We offer protection cover on our services so if you need to send something across the world that is more valuable, add this to your order when you place the booking. You can also track your package whilst it is moving to another state and see when it has arrived simply by using your ISS order number. Why not share this with the recipient so they too can monitor the progress of your item.

Be sure to attach the shipping labels securely to any box you send and package your shipment correctly when you send it.